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Experienced Akron Mediator

More Than 35 Years of Experience

Douglas Godshall has been a practicing attorney since 1976. During that time, he has been a trial lawyer in Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania, and he has practiced in both state and federal courts. He has served as lead counsel in more than 200 jury trials and has handled approximately 50 appeals of civil cases. He has served as an arbitrator between the United Steel Workers and America and the Timken Company for 30 years.

Douglas now focuses his practice on mediation and arbitration. He works with opposing parties to help them find common ground in their disagreements and thereby to amicably resolve their dispute. Douglas' experience and connections give him an understanding of the current trends in litigation and dispute resolution. He has helped parties settle their differences in matters involving:

He has also been selected to serve on the Alternative Mediation Panel of the United States District Court in Columbus, Ohio.

Medina Collaborative Law Attorney With a Reputation for Settling

As an experienced mediator, Douglas knows that no one can solve problems unilaterally. He is constantly working to understand how people think and how they hope to resolve or win the matters he is mediating. Douglas works as hard to successfully settle a mediation as many other lawyers do to win cases, and his dedication benefits all parties involved.

Learn more about the counsel Douglas N. Godshall ADR, LLC, provides by contacting the firm to schedule an initial consultation. Douglas can be reached through an online contact form or by calling 800-653-9972.


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