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Akron Probate Mediation

It has been said that if you have family and money, you do not need enemies. Sadly, that truism is often apparent after the death of a loved one. Disputes that have simmered for years boil over again after wills are read. An effective probate mediator will take the time to understand not only the disputes at hand, but also the fights that may have been leading up to it for years.

Douglas Godshall has been a trial attorney and mediator for more than 35 years. He now serves as a Probate Mediator for the Summit County, Ohio Probate Court. He understands that many probate disputes are a continuation of long standing family arguments.

When Mr. Godshall works with families during probate mediation, he listens with true humility – taking the time to understand each personality in the family, as well as his or her grievances and background. By understanding each family member, Douglas is able to help the entire family find common ground and effective resolutions.

Inheritance Dispute Lawyer

Whether you are involved in a dispute involving disinheritance or you think there may have been undue influence in a will, an experienced mediator can help resolve the matter. Douglas N. Godshall ADR, LLC represents clients throughout Northeast Ohio. Learn more about the counsel he provides by scheduling an initial consultation. The firm can be reached through an online contact form or by calling 800-653-9972.


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